What Is D-Bal

what is d-balIf you have ever looked into steroid usage amongst bodybuilders, the chances are you will have heard about an anabolic androgenic steroid called metandienone, methandienone, or methandrostenolone?

If you haven’t heard of this, or you cannot recall the name, perhaps you will recognize the name, Dianabol? Dianabol is just one of the common names under which this substance is sold.

Dianabol is, amongst bodybuilders, considered to be one of the most popular and most important of all anabolic steroids. It is almost always taken in tablet form, but it can also be found in the form of an injectable solution.

Dianabol works by dramatically increasing nitrogen retention in muscle tissue cells, thereby boosting protein synthesis, which in turn leads to rapid muscle gains and elevated strength levels.

I have used D-Bal from Crazy Bulk on 3 different occasions now, and it’s worked great for me every time. I actually use it between my bulking and cutting cycles because I find it does a great job at boosting my overall strength which allows me to push myself further than usual. As a result, I experience good muscle gains even when I’m not bulking.

I started using dianabol a couple of years ago and the results were awesome, but the side effects scared the crap out of me so I switched to D-Bal which I got from Crazy Bulk. Definitely not the same as dianabol, but still VERY impressive and zero side effects.

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What is D-Bal by Crazy Bulk?

D-Bal is sometimes described as being a legal steroid, but in actual fact, it is definitely NOT a steroid in any shape or form. Instead, is a combination of natural ingredients, and it is sold in tablet form, with users being advised to take three tablets daily.

D-Bal is meant to be taken approximately 45 minutes after your workout, and it is recommended that you take them for a period of 60 days. You should then stop taking them for at least a month and a half before you take them again if that is what you plan on doing. Let me just add that this period of abstinence is not due to any concerns about side effects because to date, no side effects have ever been reported.

How Does D-Bal Work?

All of the ingredients in D-Bal are known to be beneficial to the body, and in a way that stimulates and/or promotes muscle growth. Essentially speaking, D-Bal is designed to mimic the anabolic-androgenic steroid, Dianabol. In other words, it is designed to increase nitrogen retention in muscle tissues, thereby optimizing protein synthesis in much the same way as Dianabol does.

Increased protein synthesis means more protein, and more protein means more muscle mass. It also increases the rate at which muscle damage is repaired, which as we know, is a crucial aspect of muscle growth. An increase in lean muscle also means additional strength, and with the additional strength, you are able to lift more weight, which in turn bolsters muscle growth even more.

D-Bal vs. Dianabol

What is D-Bal and how does it compare to Dianabol? I am not going to make any ludicrous claims about D-Bal being as good or as effective as Dianabol, because it is not. While D-Bal can help you to achieve the same sort of results, the results you get from D-Bal won’t be quite as significant, and they won’t be as rapid unless you put in a significant amount of effort when you are in the gym. However, with D-Bal there is no risk of side effects, and more importantly, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. So, in summary, D-Bal can help with your strength and muscle growth, but it just takes a little bit longer, and it probably requires a bit more effort on your part.

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