D-Bal Max Review

D-Bal Max Review – Fair, Unbiased and Factual

If you are here, just about to read through my D-Bal Max review, then I am guessing that you are contemplating buying some D-Bal supplements, but perhaps you are a little bit uncertain as to whether they work or not, of if they are actually worth the money. Well, let me just begin by saying that the purpose of this review is to provide readers with the facts regarding D-Bal; nothing more, nothing less.

I am definitely not going to try and persuade you to go ahead and buy these supplements, and likewise, I’m not going to try and discourage you from trying them. Instead, I’m going present you with the facts, so that you can come to your own conclusion at the end. Okay, let’s get started…………………..

What Is D-Bal Max?

In short, D-Bal Max is primarily marketed and sold as a bodybuilding supplement, although it is, and can be used by anyone who wants to increase muscle mass, stamina, endurance and etc. The manufacturers describe D-Bal Max as being a legal natural alternative to Dianabol, a potent androgenic-anabolic steroid which has been favored by bodybuilders and other athletes for several decades already.

What Does D-Bal Max Do?

One of the key features of Dianabol, is its ability to significantly increase nitrogen retention, particularly in muscle tissue cells. This in turn enhances protein synthesis, the process through which the cells turn protein into muscle. Basically, the more nitrogen and protein your cells have at their disposal, the more muscle you stand to gain. Protein synthesis is also essential for repairing damaged muscle, and it is largely this tearing and repairing process which bodybuilders rely on in order to increase the size of their muscles.

D-Bal Max has in turn been designed to mimic the effect which Dianabol has on protein synthesis. Both Dianabol and D-Bal Max are also known for increasing strength, stamina, and endurance. The way in which Dianabol does this is rather complicated so I won’t go into that now. However, the way in which D-Bal Max does it is a lot more straightforward, and a lot easier to digest for the average working person such as myself.

How Does D-Bal Work?

In order to appreciate and fully understand the way in which D-Bal Max works, we need to look at what goes into these capsules. The good news is that they don’t contain any sort of questionable chemicals at all. Instead, every ingredient in these capsules has been proven to be beneficial for one’s health, or even absolutely essential. There is scientific proof of this, which is why I feel it is necessary for me to mention it in this D-Bal review.

Okay, let’s take a look at what you are swallowing every time you take a D-Bal Max capsule:

Whey Protein Complex

Even if you are still a novice bodybuilder, you will almost certainly have heard about whey protein. In facts, whey protein shakes are one of the very first supplements people turn to when they want to bulk up, but what is it actually? Milk contains two types of protein: whey protein (20%) and casein protein (80%). By comparison, the protein in human breast milk is made up of 60% whey protein, and 40% casein protein, a fact which clearly shows that whey is obviously more beneficial than casein, especially in the case of humans. Babies require more whey than they do casein in order to support their rapid growth and muscle development.

One of the most remarkable things about whey is that it is categorized as being a “complete” protein due to the fact that it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids. Whey protein is also the best known source of branch–chain amino acids (BCAAs), and these amino acids play a crucial role in protein synthesis. Your body cannot produce these amino acids so they must be acquire via your diet or through supplementation

While whey protein complex is almost always seen as being a bulking agent due to its affect on protein synthesis, it is worth noting that BCAAs are also known to boost fat loss and reduce plasma insulin. The protein concentration in whey can be increased quite dramatically by filtering out all other non-protein content, and it is this sort of whey protein complex that you will find in D-Bal Max.


20-Hydroxyecdysterone is a naturally occurring substance which is believed to have notable anabolic muscle building potential, which explains why it is such a popular supplement amongst bodybuilders. In fact, in bodybuilding circles, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone is often described as being a plant steroid. As with the BCAAs found in whey protein complex, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone is likewise known to increase nitrogen retention and muscle ATP content, thereby increasing protein synthesis even more.

Interestingly enough, one Russian study found that 20-Hydroxyecdysterone can have an even more significant anabolic affect than Dianabol itself when it comes to contractile proteins in muscle. These are the proteins that generate the force behind your muscle contractions. Obviously, the more force there is driving your muscle contractions, the harder you will be able to work while you’re training.

Pro BCAAs Complex

In layman’s terms, pro-BCAA complex is simply a highly concentrated mixture of branch-chain amino acids. Since I have already discussed BCAAs, I won’t bother elaborating any further. We already know that they enhance protein synthesis, increase strength, increase stamina, and stimulate metabolism which in turn aids with fat loss.

One thing which I should add though, is that if D-Bal Max only contained its Pro BCAAs Complex, then it would be more suitable for maintaining muscle mass, rather than for improving muscle mass. In other words, it is the actual combination of ingredients which are responsible for any muscle gains.

Side Effects – Dianabol vs. D-Bal Max

I have found that many D-Bal Max reviews simply state that the product does not cause side effects, without mentioning anything about Dianabol. Most people, who take D-Bal Max, take it as an alternative to Dianabol, so I personally think that when it comes to potential side effects, the two products should be compared. At the start of this D-Bal Max review, I promised to provide you with facts, and therefore I think readers deserve to know where they stand when it comes to things like side effects.

Potential Dianabol Side Effects

  • Liver Damage

    – Dianabol is highly toxic for the liver, which explains why professional users never take it for more than 4 to 6 weeks at a time.

  • Testosterone Suppression

    – Dianabol suppresses testosterone production, which in turn can lead to loss of body hair, shrinking testes, diminished sex drive, and the development of man-boobs.

  • Cholesterol Disrupter

    – Dianabol is known to increase bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol, thereby increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes

  • Bloating

    – Many people who use Dianabol are forced to take something in order to counter the bloating effect of this steroid.

Potential D-Bal Max Side Effects

As you may well have guessed or anticipated, I am just about to tell you that D-Bal Max is not known to have any potential for causing side effects. Now that I have said that, I must cover myself as well, by saying that side effects can never be completely ruled out, regardless of how safe a supplement is. There is always the possibility that someone may come along who has so rare sort of allergy to one or other ingredient.

However, it is believed that there is no chance of you experiencing side effects from D-Bal Max, and particularly if you follow manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations. For example, the manufacturer does not recommend taking D-Bal alongside any medication, prescription or otherwise, without first discussing it with a physician. D-Bal Max is also NOT recommended for use by pregnant women and/or nursing mothers.

Okay, we have looked at various things in this D-Bal Max review, so let’s also take a look at some of the main pros and cons:

D-Bal Max PROS

  • No Side Effects

    – As I have discussed already, there have been no reports of anyone suffering from side effects as a result of taking D-Bal Max. The manufacturer is also confident enough to ascertain that their product is 100% safe.

  • All-Natural Ingredients

    – D-Bal Max only contains natural ingredients. It is 100% free of any chemicals.

  • Quality

    – D-Bal Max capsules are manufactured in a fully licensed and fully certified facility, using high-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

  • FDA Approved

    – Both the product and the facility in which it is produced have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

  • Rapid Gains

    – While results will inevitable differ from one person to the next, most users appear to have experience positive results within a very short space of time.

  • Results on Multiple Fronts

    – D-Bal Max not only helps to increase muscle mass, but it also improves strength, stamina, and overall performance. It is also known to reduce recovery times following very strenuous workouts.

D-Bal Max CONS

  • Pricey

    – At around $68.95 for a one-month supply, D-Bal Max is not exactly cheap, and therefore it may be beyond the reach of many people. You can however get a greater discount if you order a 3-month or 6-month supply.

  • Mixed Results

    –Not everyone who takes D-Bal Max will see the same sort of results. For example, some users may experience significant gains, while other might only experience marginal gains.

In my opinion, Dianabol only scores higher in one area, and that is that virtually anyone who takes Dianabol is going to experience massive gains. However, such certainly comes with a hefty price, namely the horrible side effects which can only be avoided by taking several other substances at the same time. For example, the only way to counter Dianabol-related testosterone suppression, is to inject yourself daily with a testosterone-based steroid.

D-Bal Max doesn’t come with all this extra baggage, and I think this is why so many people are switching to products such as D-Bal Max.

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